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IUP is a multi-platform gui for Windows and Linux which requires iup binaries specific to each operating system.

The Windows iup binary is easy to install. The Linux installation requires more effort - follow the instructions on the main IUP site: https://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/iup/. Please note that 32-bit support is offered as well as the 64-bit default, but you must ensure a match between the IUP library chosen and the version of Euphoria being used. (32-bit pairings work on a 64-bit machine BUT not the reverse!)

The latest version of IUP is 3.30 and the current version of IUP4Eu is consistent with this version.

"Iup for Euphoria" is still a work in progress.

You can examine the current state by visiting and downloading:

The IUP interface package in the git repository: https://github.com/CANewbould/IUP4Eu

The functions are not yet all wrapped but almost all are. There are a lot of examples, gleaned from those written in C.

To get the most out of IUP4Eu you will need to familiarise yourself with the IUP documentation, as the simplicity of the GUI is augmented by sets of attributes specific to each kind of GUI widget.

Work is ongoing with regard to tutorials: there is a complete introductory one and two others being "translated" from other sources.

In addition, thanks to Andreas, an updated package for Windows users:

<quote> Hallo

I have created an Iup testsetup Eu4.1 32bit+Iup+Editor.

Based on ghaberek Editor-0.1b-Win32.zip download.

It's all his and _tom's work i just hacked it to make it work the way i like it.


Andreas </quote>

IUP Documentation

Still a work in progress, but already completely functional.

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