RhodaPlot is a graphing calculator application written in the Redy application environment. It will be released after Redylib API has been "frozen" (after RedyCode 1.0 is released).

Features planned for Version 1.0:

  • Mathematical expression evaluator
  • Multiple instances of calculator consoles
  • On-screen keypad and integrated help for syntax, functions, and operators
  • Equation plotter with trace, minimums, maximums, slope, asymptotes, derivatives, etc.
  • Store/recall variables and constants
  • Unit conversion

Features considered for Version 1.1+:

  • Multi-monitor support
  • Remote plot display over network

Features considered for Version 2.0+:

  • Common formula database
  • Solving equations
  • 3D plotting with OpenGL
  • Euphoria scripting engine, to run simulations
  • Accessing SQL databases for running calculations on data

It has it's own dedicated website: http://rhodaplot.org/

Here is a screenshot of the GUI design. I am still working on the mathematical expression parser and plotting code, so this doesn't actually do anything useful yet. This is just a preview of what RhodaPlot may look like when it is released.



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