Pastey record_menu.e

namespace record_menu
constant tips = { -- here's what this menu does: 
 "Insert a new record into the database table", 
 "Edit the record currently selected in the view", 
 "Delete the record currently selected in the view" 
include GtkEngine.e 
--include record_funcs.e 
constant menu = create(GtkMenuItem,"_Record"),  
 submenu = create(GtkMenu), 
    items = 
    & create(GtkMenuItem,"gtk-edit",_("Edit")) 
    & create(GtkSeparatorMenuItem) 
    & create(GtkMenuItem,"gtk-delete",_("Delete")) 
 for i =  1 to length(tips) do 
   set(items[i],"tooltip text",tips[i]) 
 end for 

1. Comment by irv 1 week ago

Why is include record_funcs.e commented out? So you can run and revise the user-interface without worrying about crashes. After you have written the needed functions, turn it back on.


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