Pastey Updated functions for EuGTK

    function ts_get_n_cols(object store) -- for reference only, this function is unchanged 
    return gtk_func("gtk_tree_model_get_n_columns",{P},{store}) 
    end function 
-- around line 6163, add the following line: 
integer row = 1, col = 1 
-- and replace the next 3 functions with these updates: 
	function ts_set_data(object store, object data) 
	  atom iter = allocate(32,1) 
	  row = 1 
	  for i = 1 to length(data) do 
		row += 1 
	  end for 
	 return 1 
	end function 
	constant TSA = define_proc("gtk_tree_store_append",{P,P,P}) 
	function ts_set_row_data(atom store, object data, object iter) 
	atom myiter = allocate(32,1) 
	col = 1  
	for i = 1 to length(data) do  
	  if string(data[i]) then  
		ifdef STORE then display("#Row [] Col [] []",{row,col,data[i]}) end ifdef 
		col += 1 
	  end if 
        end for 
        return 1 
        end function 
	function ts_set_row_col_data(object store, object iter, integer col, object item) 
	  integer max_col = ts_get_n_cols(store) 
	  if col < 1 then crash("Col %d invalid",col) end if 
	  object prototype  = {P,P,I,P,I} 
	  integer col_type 
	  col_type = c_func(TM5,{store,col-1}) 
	  switch col_type do 
		case gDBL then prototype = {P,P,I,D,I} 
		case gFLT then prototype = {P,P,I,F,I} 
		case gSTR, gPIX then prototype = {P,P,I,P,I} 
		case gBOOL,gINT then prototype = {P,P,I,I,I} 
		if atom(item) then item = sprintf("%g",item) end if 
		case else Warn(,,sprintf("Column %d type %d unknown",{col,col_type}), 
			"Expecting gSTR, gBOOL, gINT, gDBL, gFLT, or gPIX") 
	  end switch 
	  if string(item) then item = allocate_string(item,1) end if 
	  atom fn = define_proc("gtk_tree_store_set",prototype) 
	  object params = {store,iter,col-1,item,-1} 
	return 1 
	end function