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M. Packard wrote:

Weird.  I figured everyone called a service provider through a
terminal program on their pc.  I use commo, which is about as dumb
terminal program as you get (it works though, and is 100 times faster
to get to my email through the unix shell account than starting
windoze\winsock\netscape) log into my shell account and run pine from
unix.  Everyone who has a unix(or linux) shell account should have
access to pine.

I use tin to read the newsgroups.

Michael Packard

You're right, of course - using the Unix shell is much faster.  I use
Telix for that.  But I've gotten hooked on Agent 99's features -
sorting, folders, filters, etc.  For instance my filters for remove about 70-80% of the posts.  It really
helps not to have to look at so much junk.  I know, tin has killfiles
- Agent's are just easier to use.

I handle the speed problem by using Sean's Scheduler to pick up news
and email at 4am.  I surf the web with images turned off, and still
have time to read my downloaded newsgroups and email during the World
Wide Wait.

(Ob Euphoria Reference) Speaking of speed, perhaps future Euphoria
versions could benefit from the concept of the jiffy.  In physics, a
jiffy is sometimes defined as the time it takes light to travel one
meter.  In programming, it can be 1/100th or 1/60th of a second,
depending on the language.  Jiffies are much more appropriate to
computer speeds than seconds.



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