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As to all the talk about wish lists for Euphoria, heres mine...

1. DEFINATLY Windows support..I think this would be absolutely =
incredible if you can keep anywhere NEAR the same simplicity of Euphoria =
in a windows environment.  I have been using Visual C++ for a while now =
for Win32, and while very powerful, it can be quite a pain.  I would =
hope that this will get a decent amount of attention.

2. I would like to see a C/C++ type CASE command.  I don't see what =
everybody's problem is with this.  granted, I don't know much about =
other lanuages anymore (Qbasic and Pascal), but I find the CASE command =
to be so useful for certain functions, and an if-elseif loop is more =
coding, harder to read, and harder to add or change.  The only thing =
that would be nice is if there was more room for expressions in the case =
command than C seems to allow easily. =20

3. Some way of function prototyping (forward declarations). I know this =
one may not be possible, but I hate having to write ALL of my functions =
and procedures up front in the code. =20

Well, that's all I can think of right now...Later people!!!

Drive C: format complete.  Send me $1000000 to undo it!

daniel at ktb.net

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