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Hi Ad,
Greetings from Aotearoa, The Land of The Long White Cloud, discovered
by Europeans and named New Zealand through one of your countrymen,
Abel Tasman, back in the 17th century.

Thanks for your very kind comments, but I am not into tutorials.
During the last few days, while looking after my youngest
granddaughter (just over a year old, and beginning to walk!), I tried
the next best thing I could think of: I wrote my own variant of the
old game of Life. It is totally mouse driven and heavily commented -
it should be an ideal opportunity, for someone really determined, to
pick up a lot of bad habits... I have just sent a zipped copy to Rob Craig - it
is a bit too big for inclusion in this forum. If Rob does not like it
and you still want it, let me know and I'll send you a copy privately.

On a completely different topic: someone had a CASE statement on
his/her wish list. Why? Especially not the clatter of the C variety!
There is absolutely nothing you can do with it that cannot be done
more intuitively with the simple if..elsif..else construct.

But I support Alexander's call for an inline assembler and a better
string module. Treating strings as other Euphoria sequences is perhaps
purer in concept, but quite wasteful of resources and is never going
to fly in practice...

And while a some sort of object oriented extension to Euphoria would
be quite desirable in the long run, what about a half-decent, genuine
compiler in the meantime, to make our programs, when they are
finished, load faster and run faster.

Happy New Year, everybody!  Jiri.

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