Re: Next Release: Euphoria 3.0, not 2.6

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On 7 Jul 2005, at 10:35, Vincent wrote:

> posted by: Vincent <darkvincentdude at>
> Please excuse my previous post. I accidently pressed
> "Send Now" before I was finished editing my post.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> I believe the next release to be Euphoria v3.0, because 
> the release after v1.5 was v2.0. 
> Robert will need to follow that pattern from now on. 
> I have given Robert LOTS of feature & improvement ideas 
> (alot from OpenEU language spec, but many from myself). 
> Others have given many suggestions too. I would be happy 
> if he used only a few of them, plus his own. The rest 
> being enhancements, internal changes/improvements, and 
> bug fixes. Robert now has what he needs to make strategic 
> decisions for the major release. 

RobC pretty much doesn't listen to what people want. Many really good folks 
have left this language because, while it has potential as a growing language, 
it has no potential when following RobC's "vision". The "vision" has no room 
for things not already there. We haveto jump thru a lot of hoops sometimes 
to make things work, hoops which are simply not there in other languages. 
The bright star of Eu is sequences, but nearly everything else about the 
language must be re-written by each new coder until they can find something 
in the archives that might work.
> A standard library project is a very good idea. For features 
> that shouldnt be implemented in the language, but what people 
> still want (keep the language simple, clean, and small). However 
> that is no excuse for Robert to slack off on developing a good 
> products for v3.0. 
> I will switch to PureBasic and Java, if Euphoria v3.0 doesn't
> satisfy me. So best of luck to Robert Craig and Junko C. Miura.

I don't blame you. PureBasic has all the things Bliss/Bach has, plus all the 
many things people here have requested from RDS, and more! I wonder if i 
can go back to life without sequences.....

But what about execution speed?
PureBasic doesn't run on plain dos, but does run on Amigas,, hmm.


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