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Robert Craig wrote:
> posted by: Robert Craig <rds at>
> Gordon Webster wrote:
>>Perhaps I missed it, but is there any kind of projected timeframe 
>>for the next release of Euphoria?
> No there isn't.
> I usually try to do one alpha, beta & official per year, 
> but sometimes I slip. smile 
> I'm still looking for good ideas. 
> I've lost interest in garbage collection,
> but I'm still considering cooperative multitasking and various
> minor things.
> Regards,
>    Rob Craig
>    Rapid Deployment Software

I agree with almost all of the choices that you have made for your 
language.  Many of the requested features can be implemented in libraries.

I never cease to be amazed at some of the coding patterns that emerge in 

I like the simple and unambiguous value semantics of the language. I 
think that it is very powerful to rarely have to worry about the type of 
a variable. The language is generic by design.

I like the relatively simple control flow and mostly sensible scoping.

I think that structures and various types correlating to C types are a 
good example of what can be done with good libraries.

But control flow and scoping issues need to be addressed in the language 

* Named loops with continue and exit.
* select - case statements for those who think that it is necessary.
* variable_id() mechanism like routine_id().
* include and namespace improvements to make the language more modular.
* Forward-referencing with routine_id().

A lot can be done with libraries including object-orientation, but these 
features would make it much easier for library implementors.

Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

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