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Robert Craig wrote:
> posted by: Robert Craig <rds at>
> Gordon Webster wrote:
>> Perhaps I missed it, but is there any kind of projected timeframe 
>> for the next release of Euphoria?
> No there isn't. I usually try to do one alpha, beta & official per 
> year, but sometimes I slip. smile I'm still looking for good ideas. 
> I've lost interest in garbage collection, but I'm still considering 
> cooperative multitasking and various minor things.
> Regards, Rob Craig Rapid Deployment Software 

So, we can open this can of worms for the umpteenth time? ;^)

Three things:

* Fix the include system.  At least make it so that items included more
than once with different paths are considered separate includes.  An
include system that is more modular would be better, but...

* Allow routine_id() to have forward referencing.  When I researched
your opposition to this in the forum archives I didn't get a good idea
*why* routine_id() didn't work that way.  I understand the opposition to
forward referencing on general principles, but routine_id() is already a
way to get around the normal calling mechanism.  It would make things
much easier for library writers, especially Win32lib. I know that one of
our major library contributors is leaving and this is one of the reasons

Please re-read

* Implement '=' in if and while statements to act the same as equal()
for sequences.

There are others, like a variable_id() mechanism, named loops with
continue and exit, version() for future syntax improvements, but I'm not 
going to rehash them.  I think this is a good short list that is doable.

Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

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