Re: Next Release: Euphoria 3.0, not 2.6

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Juergen Luethje wrote:
> You are more than welcome to join the project. smile

Thanks, I might just do that after I finish my game project.

If I for example was directing this project, I would establish five
general rules that would need to be observed while developing this

1) Keep things organized by seperating routines, variables, constants
   by catagory. Each catagory would have it's own include file. Exa:
   Timer.e, PPrint.e, Hash.e, FileO.e, AdvMath.e, Bits.e, so on.

2) Always strive for platform independence. In this case try to make
   all the routines work for all supported platforms: DOS, Windows,
   Linux, and FreeBSD. Try hard to limit exceptions on this.

3) Keep things relative. Only incorperate things that would be practical
   in a standard library. Don't go and incorporate the wrappers for SDL,
   Morfit, OpenGL, Bass, etc. In fact, as a general rule of thumb, limit
   implementeing any sort of wrapped routines... preferibly, avoiding it
   completely. But exceptions like wrapping Win32's API high precision
   timer routines do exist.

4) Ensure high efficency and optimization for all the algorithms. We want
   the least amount of overhead, and the most speed as possible, when using
   the library. Rule #1 also helps in this aspect by keeping the size of
   the include files small.

5) Documentation, this is perhaps the most time consuming part. But like
   any other library, knowing what the routines do, and how to use them is
   key to making use of it. The concept in which RDS follows with their
   reference manual: title, platform, syntax, and description is very
   desirable. HTM format would make it professional looking, but RichText
   format would be adequate enough.

Now I of course have no jurisdiction over this, but following a guideline like
this should ensure an elegent standard library in the end, that all Euphoria
users would appreciate.

If I helped out, I would personally follow the first four guidelines/rules.
Leaving the fifth for someone else, becuase I'm no good at documentation.


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