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Perhaps I missed it, but is there any kind of projected timeframe 
for the next release of Euphoria?

On the subject of the community library project, I agree with
Juergen that it doesn't make any sense to just start posting
revamped collections of old code on the forum and calling it
the standard library. This wouldn't give us anything beyond
what we already have with the EuForum.

Somebody made some good points about documentation also. I
think that this is really a key point. Well written specs and
documentation with plenty of examples will be essential for
the success of such a project. It will accelerate the adoption
of the new library by the Eu user community. It will also help
to make the libraries evolve in a consistent manner by giving
code contributors a roadmap to work from when adding their own
stuff as well as making it obvious which features are missing
or need more work.

I would point once more to the Java Collections class as a good
example of how things should be done. If you've ever used one of
the collection classes, it's pretty easy to learn how to use another
one since the behavior/naming conventions etc. etc. are remarkably
similar throughout the library. This is what we should also
strive for in our library, so that it evolves its own consistent
kind of 'look and feel' (I mean in the coding sense here, not the
GUI sense). A coding environment that feels comfortable, familiar
and consistent (like the Euphoria core langauge for example) makes
software development a joy.

Here's the Java API docs as a documentation example.

BTW: I totally agree that a GUI library component should have no
place in any of the early releases of such a library. As I said
in my last email, the focus should initially be to make the
foundations as robust and consistent as possible, since the
higher level stuff will ultimately depend upon them.



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