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> Dear Michael,
> I think i gonna speak in the name of several users of the listserver. I
> really respect you as an Euphoria programmer, your active participation
> in the listserver has, in one or another way, helped many people... BUT
> i think this listserver isn't about BUSINNES! So if you intend to
> promote your PERSONAL bussiness, you are in the WRONG place. I don't
> wanna be rought with you, but what you do isn't right, or even
> more, ETHIC (hope i spell it right). I can't talk about the past, but I
> remember seen, some time ago, a BIG discussion about a book of yours.
> Please dont use this tribune as a market place... we are subscribed here
> to LEARN about others expirience NOT to buy someone elses game.

I disagree with your interpretation of what this listserv is about. The
listserv is about Euphoria. I do not feel the advertising of his products
in any way is ethically wrong. In fact, promotion of his products is a
good thing because it helps promote Euphoria as a legitmate software
language and not a shareware toy. When people check out his advertised
products and see the amazing work he has done, it makes people go, "Wow,
if I can do that with Euphoria, then I think I'll purchase the Complete
Editiion!!!!". Quite frankly, as long as it helps stoke Euphoria's
survivability in the future, I am in full support of Michael's ads...if
you do not want to read them, simply delete or filter.

And before anyone calls me a corporate flunky, please understand that I
wrote "A Beginner's Guide To Euphoria" as freeware and receive no funding
for the costs it takes to support both the tutorial and the web site
(costs of which can exceed $50 a month at times). All of this comes out of
my salary from my real job.

Hope this clears the air enough so we can move on to talking about
Euphoria and not flaming each other.

Thank you for your time

David Gay
"A Beginner's Guide To Euphoria"

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