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Here's LGP Games Official Press Release:

Lord Generic Productions
1218 Karen Ave
Santa Ana, Ca 92704
lgp at

Lord Generic Productions is pleased to announce the release of a brand new
line of  'Retro-Arcade Classic' shareware games that feature fast action
gameplay and great graphics and sound effects.  "Our Goal is to breathe
new life into the classic arcade games of the past, and  blast them into the
90's and beyond" says company President, Michael Packard.  "We want  everyone
to think of LGP Games first when they are looking to play a new 'classic'.
In the  next year, LGP Games is committed to release at least 10
'Retro-Arcade Classics' to our  diehard fans."

Mr. Packard goes on to say, "We want to revive the spirit of the games we
grew up with and springboard them to another level, rather than just
cloning the original games.  All our games are "inspired" by the the classics,
but that's not enough.  Our goal is to take the games beyond what they were,
to do things game programmers couldn't do in 1978.  All of our games are
NEW classics, we take the best of what was cool THEN and add new twists to
make them cool NOW.  Instead of rehashing the way games were back then, we
create our games the way we always wanted them to be."

"Too often I've seen tired, rushed remakes with cheesy graphics and sound
bites pulled from tv shows. It doesn't work.  That is a  disservice to the
audience, and perpetuates the stereotype that shareware is  cheesy and
isn't as good as something you buy in a store.  Our standards are higher.
Our respect for our audience is higher."

"We've been producing digital images for the commercial games for 13 years
now, and we want to raise the standard for shareware.  All of our games have
fully animated, rendered 3D characters, beautiful backgrounds, original music
and sound effects."

Two titles have already been released and are available for download and
trial as shareware:

OidZone (
 Your job is to clear the OidZone of Asteroids and other hazardous
 objects.  You have a fast ship and a pulse-cannon to blast away
 at anything in your path.

 BEWARE: As an incentive to clear the oidzone quickly, your bosses will
 periodically send a homing swarm mine at you.  These break into many tiny
 mines that try to swarm all around you, and will hunt you down until you
 destroy them.  Keep your finger on the hyperspace key for a fast getaway!

Star Thief ( features
  You did such a great job clearing the OidZone that your boss has
  promoted you to night watchman over a collection of StarStuff.

  Every once in awhile a couple of StarThieves will rush in and each
  will try and take a container of StarStuff.  If they take all six
  containers, you are unemployed.  To fight the StarThieves, you have a fast,
  maneouverable ship with an ion cannon to blast them with.  If you get in a
  jam and can't shoot your way out, your ship can make a hyperspace jump to
  another random location in the playfield.

  The StarThieves don't do their job quietly, they taunt you as they get
  away with your stuff. "We got one!", "We got ANOTHER one!", "That was
  EASY!", "Are you even trying?" ...  If you shoot them you may hear them
  say "Don't shoot! We're your friends!" or "Ouch! That hurts!" .

Three new releases are just about ready for debut:

Invaders: Venusians have attacked the Earth!  Only you can stop them!
Expected Release Date: 4/13/97

SolarQuest: Protect your sun from the evil StarKillers!
Expected Release Date: 4/25/97

StarRanger: Protect your frontier from enemy fighters!
Expected Release Date: 5/15/97

These games are written in Euphoria - a simple, powerful new programming
language. Euphoria  runs in 32-bit protected mode to give you access to
all of your machine's memory.  Check out  the Official Euphoria Programming
Page on the World Wide Web at:

Be sure to visit  the Lord Generic Productions Games WWW web site at and download our "Retro-Arcade Classics"

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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