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The latest version of the GUI Toolkit and GUI editor is on Robert's web
page. Please be aware that, for the sake of compatibility with ED:

   1. A tab in an INPUT document = 8 spaces
   2. A tab in the EDITOR = 4 spaces
   2. Tabs are saved as SPACES when the file is saved.

This is different than how the editor treated tabs before, because I was
unaware of the fact that ED simulated tabs by combining tabs and spaces.

For those of you who have been using ED and try out the editor, there should
be no visible impact on your files.

However, for those who have tried prior versions of the editor, or have used
the DOS editor to create your files (as I have), tabs will be expanded out
to 8 spaces instead of 4, and remain that way permanantly when you save the
file. This is because the program does not convert leading spaces back to
tabs. Please be aware of this.

Also note that running a program will first save the file.

In the future, I hope to handle all this more gracefully, but for now I
thought that it was more important to be compatible with ED.

I will be posting an update in a day or so that will take care of some
cosmetic problems. as well as adding a DOS Shell to the menu.

If you have any problems with the program, wish list items, or whatever,
please report them to me.


 -- David Cuny

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