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At 12:15 18-02-97 CST, you wrote:

>I wish to parse the text.. to be able to color code it.  Just like the
>Euphoria editor (ed.ex) does.   I want to, also, include the

  What do you mean by auto-formatting: do you mean automaticaly identing
text inside
of statements blocks, or auto completion of structure like ED do?

  As you are working in VB3 you probably keep the text file in a
redimensionnable array. But is your editor based on character or line?

  The syntax colorisation has to be done by the procedure which update the
or a procedure called by it.
  I think that the simplest would be to adapt the code from syncolor.e
  There would be a procedure:
 DisplayColorLine(hwin as integer, line as string, r as integer, c as integer)
  where hwin is the window handle and line the line to display
 r an c are the coordinates (row and column) for the position inside the
window for the line.
  It's hard for me to visualise what you really need because I don't know
how your code
is organized.
  Would you be satisfied with a sub that receive a line of text and return a
of words with a color associate with each one.
a type could be define like that:

type coloredWord
   word as string
   color as integer
end type

global dim ColoredLine() as coloredWord ' array to containt the list colored

sub ParseLine(TheLine as string)
' parse TheLine with syntax check and load each word in ColoredLine

end sub

 If this is the kind of procedure that you want I could code it and e-mail
it to you.

>(P.S. I would also like to include support for your sound blaster
>routines.. if you'll let me!!  :)
  All my code available from the euphoria official homepage is public
domain, you are
free to use it and improve it.

Jacques Deschenes
Baie-Comeau, Quebec
desja at

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