OidZone alpha version .5 available for playtesting

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Lord Generic Productions' FIRST Shareware Game written in Euphoria is
4 days old now, and VERY VERY cool. In my biased opinion is it the best
thing I've seen yet in Euphoria. (Next to the really cool screen saver
thing someone did)  Among other things in this version:

* animated, clipped, scaled, wraping sprites
* Ship "thrusts" when you hit the thrust key
* Oid Shooting works pretty good now
* Oid\ship collisions work sorta now
* The Ship explodes when a hit is registered
* Animating logo all through game.
* Scoring implemented in a half\assed way.  (I print it on the screen)
* Game Over, Prepare to Enter OidZone, etc graphics appear
* About box can be brought up during game without screwing up the screen
  on exit.
* Just very very cool for a first project, 4 days into production.

A few things still don't work, but what the hay.

It's on our Euphoria Page http://exo.com/~lgp/euphoria

Download it, play with it, drool over it, send me comments\feedback.

We're taking pre-registrations for the  "Special Registered Version" for
Euphoria people which will include a printed design spec, theory behind
every routine, SOURCE CODE for the whole game, and a detailed, line by
line analysis of EVERY ROUTINE.  The cost is $30 + $5s&h.  This is a MUST
for game programmers or game programmer wannabees.

Oiding around
New lesson soon...I mean it this time!

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