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katsmeow said...

<rhetorical>There's like 50 ways to compile OE now, right?</rhetorical>

jimcbrown said...

^ This

ghaberek said...

If anyone has a problem with something, I'm happy to discuss it.

I believe this was going off of one of the older threads, - which you already answered in and also

Basically, since the official 4.1.0 build had a broken Makefile/build system, it seemed like there were a ton of patches to keep track of as everyone had fixed it in a slightly different way. Which you resolved in 4.2.0 with the new build system (a big THANK YOU! for that btw).

But it's worth nothing that we've historically had some very complicated systems before we simplified on the current build and use of gcc as standard. (I think we experimented with CMake at one point, and in addition to maintaining Watcom, Borland, et al that RDS had back in the day, we also tried to add support to build through Visual Studio.) So keep in mind that there was some poking at twenty year old OE here, rather than the modernized Greg edition.

ghaberek said...

If anyone has something they'd like to contribute, I'm happy to integrate it.

Alas, I think this kind of hits at the core of things. Need more contributors.

ghaberek said...

When I encounter snide remarks from those who are not contributing, I am very unhappy.

Do better.



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