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Since you show the need to keep this open, Jim,

jimcbrown said...
katsmeow said...

I have simply stopped all programming since.

Mechanics can take one only so far.


On a positive note, at least it sounds like you haven't stopped all mechanics (which is what you were doing in the beginning, before coding) so perhaps you still have your first love.

Well, i mean mechanical control of machinery, such as if it senses it's hotter than outside and above a threshold and before a time, turn on a fan. That's a whopper of a problem to solve without electronics.

For instance, For various reasons, i paid a mechanic to replace the 20 year old timing belt etc on the car engine last year. I expected it to last 10 years. Last week, the timing belt broke. This tends to bend valve stems, and score guides and seats, and even punch holes in pistons. So now i need to make a space i can tear down this engine at least to measure the internal damage. I have an near-identical engine for parts, but it's only a year younger than the damaged one, altho it has not moved in the last 12 years. So unless it's in near perfect condition it's barely good economics to use parts from it. Either way, there's no computer control of the valves, and the rest of the car is still 36 years old.

One year, the truck got infested with a possum and mice. Someone i was relying on for protection from neighbor's dogs decided to threaten me with dogs if i poisoned the rodents. By the time i got rid of the someone, and the rodents, the animals had eaten into spark plug wires and fuel lines, and when i went to start the truck, it erupted into a ball of fire. Yesterday i bypassed all the chewed and melted gasoline/vacuum lines and got it running (idling) on propane. So, new steel gasoline lines and fuel pump ordered. The automatic transmission i paid to have rebuilt a year before the fire, didn't go into gear yesterday. I don't rebuild automatics, it's not cost-effective for me to buy the tools. I sought for a manual transmission for many years. And if it runs normally on gasoline again, it needs new tires, at $200 each.

I cannot afford to buy another vehicle. I have no way to get to grocery, dentist, etc.. I put down money on a place in another state to move to, but that's not possible now, and i do not get the money back.

Re the dogs, a subject Euphoric rode me for years about on this forum, well, last year six of them killed and ate all his goats, and then in November one dog topped it off by killing his 3 month old human grandson.

And i'm 67 years old. I'd rather be programming computers to do interesting things, and have a nice garden, and resume a few other hobbies (which would definitely save me money and might make me money). Instead i do only what i must (for lack of time and money), and beg for (and offer to pay for) bits of software (such as a usb lib) which i never get. <rhetorical>There's like 50 ways to compile OE now, right?</rhetorical>


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