Re: Hypatia 3.0

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katsmeow said...

I am sorry, but i ran into the real world, which was bound to happen,

Yep, happens.

katsmeow said...

some kind of OE interface to the physical world could be had by usb

Yeah. Ironically, it'd be easier now. If had existed back in the day, jeremy_c would have knocked out a simple wrapper around that libusb lightning fast, and then we'd have one on both nix and winders.

katsmeow said...

But as i see no way i can use OE or Phix to contact the real world and see what's going on

or to administer instructions to the real world,

Key words being "i can use". I accept your desire to avoid nix, C, etc.. but for other folks who may read this thread, I'd like to point out for posterity that such things are possible with Eu for those who don't have the same restrictions.

katsmeow said...

And the vic20 and c64 did that wonderfully.

It's almost a shame that you didn't get into the FOSS nix world - which much better captures the open spirit of the 70s/80s computing scene - and instead stuck it out in winders, where there has been a very strong trend to locking this stuff down (you know, for all the people who'd eat tide pods and stuff).

On the plus side, the Mega64 ( ) and the Ultimate-64-MK2 ( ) are both available for pre-order - and they'll include USB support!

Sometimes, when everyone keeps telling you how its supposed to go, you should just go and do your own thing.

katsmeow said...

I have simply stopped all programming since.

Mechanics can take one only so far.


On a positive note, at least it sounds like you haven't stopped all mechanics (which is what you were doing in the beginning, before coding) so perhaps you still have your first love.

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