Re: Hypatia 3.0

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petelomax said...
jimcbrown said...

I suspect that the issue would not be present on Phix

Nah mate, leave me out of it! The eval() function has been eagerly used a round number of times
in the 30 months since it was released, either that or the design was absolutely perfect, the
documentation flawless and crystal clear, and there were no bugs of any kind in it whatsoever.

I am sorry, but i ran into the real world, which was bound to happen, seeing as how i got into programming because something in the real world needed computer control (And the vic20 and c64 did that wonderfully. And i doubled the amount of machine code in mine. And for the early 1980's the speed was darned good!). Mechanics can take one only so far. But as i see no way i can use OE or Phix to contact the real world and see what's going on ("see", yeas, in 1984 i had a video camera connected to a C64), or to administer instructions to the real world, all the programming features one could ask for and use are going to be less than watching a carpentry how-to video on youtube. I not only have a pile of idle winxp boxes from the Tiggr-cluster, but a small pile of i5 win7 boxes which i got more recently when i had a hope some kind of OE interface to the physical world could be had by usb or sata. I have simply stopped all programming since.


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