Re: Regarding Discord and Verification

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jimcbrown said...

You can sign up with a throwaway email IIRC.

ghaberek said...

Please don't do that. It's against the TOS and if you ever get locked out you won't be able to recover your account. Then you'd end up creating a new account and rejoining the server, perpetuating the "identity crisis" we already have here on the forum.

I said a throwaway email, not a fake email. The difference - the throwaway email (say gmail or hotmail, but could also be a more specialized service) you retain access to, and can log in every once in a while to check for missed messages - but it's created specifically for this one use and not used elsewhere.

ghaberek said...

If you don't want to verify your email please reply to this thread with the username of your Discord account (not Display Name) and I will add you to the euphorians role.


So if by my definition of throwaway, that is still against the TOS of Discord, then actually that is a very big problem IMVHO.

Even for an unverified email address, if that is for your real and primary email (e.g. has your real name, is linked to other factors, etc) then IMVHO it makes the use of Discord a very big and very real problem. Valid but anonymous email addresses help protect privacy. Requiring more than that steps dangerously close to real name/real identify verification. And it definitely steps closer to PII, which raises all other sorts of concerns (e.g. GDPR and CCPA related).

That said, it raises them for Discord, not us. Even so, under these circumstances I can better understand the reluctant of folks to sign up.

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