Re: Hypatia 3.0

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katsmeow said...

Nitpick it away Jimcbrown.


I wasn't going to, as I don't have too much regarding this topic, but since you insist, who am I to refuse?

katsmeow said...

It's not ready-made solution for the problem as i described it.

Yeah, think andi was just saying it had a ready-made solution for andi's own uses, and hence that's why andi hasn't explored trying OE/Phix with it yet.

katsmeow said...

First obvious issue is the data is stored (um, is it stored?) and displayed only as they see fit, i cannot munge it, make decisions on it,

Hmm. Seems like this sort of thing should be possible if a full compiler and IDE environment is provided.. Might need more details from andi on how to make use of them to do this.

katsmeow said...

Second, unknown if the acquisition time or usb transit time can be improved, at the moment ADC is only 125 samples per second, pretty far from the solution i was looking for. I am pretty sure my camera uploads images on usb faster than one byte every 8ms (6.7 hours for a 3MB image? no.).

Third, with 5bit ports, time to send 8bits to/from an 8bit DAC chip (or anything else) will be doubled, and for a 16bit ADC, as supplied in a "ready-made solution" itself, takes 4x longer than it should (send 5bits + 5bits + 5bits + 1bit).

Sounds legit. Wonder if multiple devices and parallizing helps here (for example having 1000 devices and wiring them all up might let you send 125,000 samples per second or a 3MB image in under 10 seconds).

katsmeow said...

To me, the simplest attachment would be a shift register and a set of latches: data in and data out. (And some support and glue logic.)

Alas, this statement is beyond my ability to nitpick away.

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