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katsmeow said...

PS : i just tried to upload code to show how i got along way back in the olden daze, but OE's pastebin crashed.

Embarrassing indeed. (For the devs/website maintainers, that is.)

andreasWagner said...

Small program that communicates with an Arduino via Modbus.

katsmeow said...

I am confused, because Wikipedia says Modbus is (was?) a Modicon thing

Looks like it currently is an OSI standard.

katsmeow said...

(Modicon no longer existing)

Seems like Modicon's successor Schneider Electric still maintains a FAQ page about it though:

katsmeow said...

Modbus is a Google thing now?

Certainly they seem to have a lot of stuff related to it, such as and

katsmeow said...

So you cannot talk directly to an Arduino with OE on a windoze computer? which uses ethernet or almost any serial protocol?

I should think it's possible. From the instructions on here one can use Python to talk to an Arduino, and the library used (PySerial) is specfically mentioned as supporting windoze:

Given the same OS, I can't see anything special about Python that'd allow it to talk to a serial port better than Eu.

katsmeow said...

Why can't i find such a thing on Ebay?

Well, Modbus itself is just a protocol, not even software, whereas typically I think Ebay sells more of physical products. Though I have bought software on Ebay before.

RobertS said...

And yes, DeepL is amazing, how did we ever do without it?

katsmeow said...

Well, i wrote a translator for Tiggr, that used several online services as resources.

Yep, I remember things like Babelfish quite fondly.

katsmeow said...

Tiggr's interface was on irc, of course,

Also remembered quite fondly.

katsmeow said...

and i wrote a http client in mirc for tapping the internet.

mirc I remember far less fondly.

katsmeow said...

A difference between the online services vs Tiggr is Tiggr could download data and learn from it, such as trapping phrases rather than do literal translations. German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian.

Adding something complimentary on top of and beyond what the original servicers could do.

katsmeow said...

Just another block of code i deleted years ago.


Gone the way of Babelfish, Altavista, etc.. and likely just as obsolete by now.

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