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katsmeow said...

For instance, the code for sharing variables' content in real time between independently running OE programs,

FWIW there are (were?) a few competing implementations of this. I still have mine, based on top of my library + BSD sockets (which in turn was based on the use of fork() )

katsmeow said...

I cannot speak for anyone else, but after receiving feedback here, i'd go and delete megabytes of source code i had proudly written. i deleted it all.

Indeed, your experience seems to be unique. Or more accurately, your response.

katsmeow said...

I have not written any code in any language since.

I think this kind of drives the point home - if it's just feedback from one place regarding one set of code (e.g. a library, etc) written in one language, why stop altogether? There are online communities for different flavours of BASIC, for Delphi, even for things based on the mIRC scripting language.

katsmeow said...

That forever put an end to me making a small Ai.


It's been so long that my memory is blurry, but I think it's worth pointing out that I seem to remember the mIRC-based Tiggr being around for quite some time after this.

RobertS said...

This is very sad. What kind of feedback can do this?

Without naming names, there was a very opinionated fellow who had a habit of stating on the IRC channel some things very bluntly. Things like "seems pretty useless to me" and "is such an incompetent chanop". Like, no filter at all. (In this guy's defense though, he was a tween (preteen) when he wrote this.)

I wouldn't condone such behaviour, but I'd hope that most of us could also be able to push thru and continue doing what we enjoy despite encountering such things.

RobertS said...

And, it makes me wonder if I should be glad that I do not get feedback, or it might have this effect on me, too …? I'll take it as a warning, thank you!


And for the record it's been at least a decade since that fellow has been around, if memory serves correctly. The other thing might be having to deal with highly opinionated members of the Dev Team - but I believe nowadays only Greg and myself - and petelomax as an honorary member - are active here on this forum. And I don't do much dev anymore, so if you can get along with Greg and Pete, you should be fine.

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