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irv said...

Now, nothing we can do with a computer impresses anybody. (…) My phone is more than adequate for anything I need to do.

That obviously depends upon what you need to do. I'd be lost without a computer — I need a proper keyboard, a mouse, and a large screen. And I do not write code to impress anyone, but to create little tools that are useful to me. (I usually find it easier to write my own tools, than to figure out how to coax the functionality I want out of existing ones. And some of the stuff I write, which may possibly be of some use to others, I offer to anyone who may accidentally stumble across it.)

Phix is perfect for my needs, even if I use only a tiny fraction of its capabilities. I've come across Euphoria in the days of 2.x, it offered what I was looking for — "Simpler than Basic, more powerful than C++" — and it made me feel welcome. If I came across the Euphoria website today (and to a slightly lesser degree this is also true for Phix), and if I looked at the discussions in the forum, I wouldn't suppose that I might be included in the target audience. But I'm not that special, and with my limited computer skills and my limited needs, I find it hard to believe that I am one of only 12 people on this planet who have use for a simple but powerful, elegant and intelligent computer language.


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