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fizzpop said...

My 2c on the shrinking userbase..
Rob's original mantra of keeping it simple and NOT having to learn C / C plus plus , memory models, heaps, pointers was what got me hooked.

Thank you — I had thought I was the only one left who felt like that. Though other issues may contribute to the dwindling user base, too — like, going to the Euphoria website and seeing the latest "Current News" being some 15 months old, and being about Phix, which in itself may be confusing to someone who doesn't already know about the Euphoria/Phix duality. And someone who comes across the Phix website, downloads Phix, and finds that the current version doesn't install properly, could theoretically find an explanation and a cure here in the "Phix 1.0.2 uploaded" thread, but their chances of finding it would be rather slim, I'm afraid. (Pete, can you please upload a version where this issue is fixed? Not for us here who can ask you and solve this problem one way or the other, but for the hypothetical prospective new user?)

Your mentioning of GUI being a must made me remember Judith Evans’s IDE, and when I tried to look up what has become of it, it made me sad to read that she has died 8 years ago. This is a tragic loss, but also, something like her IDE, for Phix, would be a great help. Can we ever hope for it?

Sorry, just dreaming …

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