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Hi Pete,
thanks to Greg Haberek I'm online again, after years of occasional lurking. I tried Phix 1.02 and experienced the same bug, so I'll apply your aformentioned fixes and get back to you.

My 2c on the shrinking userbase..
Rob's original mantra of keeping it simple and NOT having to learn C / C plus plus , memory models, heaps, pointers was what got me hooked.
I saw a recent post where a GUI lib was being punted and win32lib being dissed even though:
The new GUI lib had a post saying its 3000k big already and nowhere near finished?? From that I read users of the new GUI lib would have to debug it ( IE learn C / C plus plus ? ) ??
Nope! I'll keep using my copy of win32lib because it works. I don't have C skills or the time to acquire the skills.
Why be pushed into learning other associated skill stacks (github, GCC, C , linker) when I just want to write a Euphoria program?

Similarly I tried ( a few times over the years) to upgrade from eu 4.05 to eu 4.10 but could never get around the problem where I cannot compile in Watcom, the compiler insists on assuming GCC even when I explicity say Watcom. So, I'm still on eu 4.05 but probably will go Phix instead.. a working GUI is a must though.

Pete, your Phix looks amazing - I gather you do hand tweaking in assember to get the fastest speed? WOW! I'm an old fart, my background is mainframe so I am adverse to wasting resources / cycles too. Rob Craig has mainframe background also BTW.

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