Re: I think I got Callbacks now?

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katsmeow said...

*"you" may include jimcbrown and others.


Thanks for the shout-out!

katsmeow said...

On the other paw, what is OE/Phix doing to encourage writers and proofreaders to work on this problem?

ghaberek said...

Nothing anymore. At this point I've stopped asking for that

Understandable, considering how few volunteers we seem able to attract that way.

ghaberek said...

But... this is a programming forum for a programming community for a particular programming language, so I would expect to find here mostly... programmers? I'm not pulling in people off the street. And most of us been here for a long time. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask programmers, regardless of their skill or experience or knowledge, to learn code versioning commands (git) or to sign up on a website (GitHub) or to run a few commands to execute some code (creole, eudoc, etc.).

Agreed. Often the coder is also the best documenter.

katsmeow said...

I mean, people who write docs, or term papers, or data sheets, , not people who admin their computer and are fluent in all the online archival and distributed software management systems.

I didn't need to know a ton of medical data to proof read my mom's master degree dissertation when i was in high school 50 years ago (the prof made a note in the margin about the style, spelling, and readability). Neither was i going to get a master's degree to qualify to correct her mistakes.

Thinking back, when _tom was around, he was really great at this! So yes, while for the time being it makes sense to attract coders to help with docs, we should remain open to letting non-programming folks help out too if they're interested.

katsmeow said...

The last 30 years i was intent on Ai code, not git, github, creole, etc etc. I take the same view of jumping thru hoops here as to jump hoops to qualify to correct wikipedia: no. Now, i post the error to the irc channel where 100 people idle, if they don't fix it, they must like it the way it is.

Do they ever unidle? Perhaps they remain blissfully unaware. It's a bit like talking to your wall, I imagine.

katsmeow said...

I take the same view of jumping thru hoops here as to jump hoops to qualify to correct wikipedia: no. No one pays me to find or report mistakes here, so this is not a goal of mine.

I think that's fair. It's also a fundamental issue - if we had the funds to afford to pay folks to deal with this, it would have been dealt with already.

I think it would not even cost that much. Just a few hundred dollars for a task on or the like and we could easily find someone to handle it. But no one considers these tasks important enough to even donate this much to support the effort.

katsmeow said...

You* have not made it easy to click a button and report the error,

I'd actually not agree with this. There's not much more involved in making a ticket on this forum, than doing this.

Reporting is easy.

katsmeow said...

and you have said like only 2(?) people have credentials to make changes, and they won't come out until next version release anyhow, in the meantime the public-facing webpage is in error. We are different kinds of people, we do different things.

Hmm, I suppose we should consider having the docs on the website get generated automatically from the latest bleeding-edge master (rather than using a manual process and the latest released version). That would at least allow developers to put up a PR to fix doc changes faster, and allow for the website to get updated once the PR was merged and approved.

Perhaps it's not as good as providing a speedy path for noncoders to fix documentation on the website, but it's a step in the right direction.

ghaberek said...

and figured I'd just get to it when I get to it.

I think for now, this is the best that we can do, especially for noncoders who can't handle the github workflow - have them report it to ghaberek and let him fix it when he has time to get to it.

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