Re: I think I got Callbacks now?

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katsmeow said...

On the other paw, what is OE/Phix doing to encourage writers and proofreaders to work on this problem?

Nothing anymore. At this point I've stopped asking for that and figured I'd just get to it when I get to it.

katsmeow said...

I mean, people who write docs, or term papers, or data sheets, , not people who admin their computer and are fluent in all the online archival and distributed software management systems.

But... this is a programming forum for a programming community for a particular programming language, so I would expect to find here mostly... programmers? I'm not pulling in people off the street. And most of us been here for a long time. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask programmers, regardless of their skill or experience or knowledge, to learn code versioning commands (git) or to sign up on a website (GitHub) or to run a few commands to execute some code (creole, eudoc, etc.).

katsmeow said...

We've seen plenty of methods on how to make fixing mistakes or omissions impossible. Right now, if someone did donate fixes to the documentation, it would be refused! I mean, already this year, documentation fixes have been refused more than once!

This is patently false. Who's refusing things? The path for contributing changes currently remains as it's been, which is described here: Anyone is welcome to work on an alternative in the mean time. Some folks tried to use the wiki for documentation (which seems unwise to me) and that seems to have fallen off at some point. I'm not refusing to work on an alternative method but I am not spending any time on it right now either.


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