Re: I think I got Callbacks now?

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petelomax said...

Oh that rings so true. Can't quite remember now but last week I was staring at the GTK docs and a "fill" parameter, and in about seven different places it said something like "The fill parameter contains the fill setting for the control." I still have absolutely no idea what it was - a bool, an enum, a width, a colour... My pet hate is "heredoc", wherever I see "it's better than nothing" I just plead back at the screen NO IT ******* **** ****** ISN'T. I fondly remember the beautiful docs Rob and Juno produced that just oozed care and attention out of every line, and trust me I know full well how much time and effort that can absorb, but I just want to cry when faced with something like this (a completely random link from the index) - and I mean who exactly does that actually help, ever?

Agreed. The original RDS docs were beautiful but at times felt too sparse, while the current auto-generated docs are hard to look at, hard to navigate, and too verbose. And I intend to address this as I'm very unhappy with the state of eudoc and creole but it's a few iterations out. First I need to get my template parser into the standard library and then I need a Markdown library because I am not writing any new docs on Betamax Creole. Then I need to revisit the placement and organization of source material. And most importantly, if we're going to continue publishing docs on the internet then I need a new home for that, because I do not want it to be an integrated part of this website. Too many eggs in one basket and all that.


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