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petelomax said...

I found this the other day on the Nim board, and it has been kinda nagging at me and ringing round my head:

guzba said...

Sorry for being blunt but I strongly dislike people that do nothing and throw expectations at others. it is not helpful or productive.

Of course I get where (s)he's coming from, although we do want to hear what people want, but when someone gets annoyed that way,
I personally find it deeply disturbing, pretty much the sign of a sociopath, and something that digs up distressing memories of times
when I have done exactly the same myself, which is "blame everyone else" for their(/my) own inadequacies, inability, and inaction.

Perhaps they were contributing in other ways? I contributed $300 and some hdds towards work on a raspi, in an attempt to allocate best tools/person/resources for which task. Sadly, i still must work on the raspi to get what i want while the house roof leaks, so swapping stuff can still be a dead end. And i have noticed several people not here any more because they contributed what no one wanted and then left to contribute elsewhere.

petelomax said...

Now that really was't meant with any malice, though I'm quite sure it will be taken that way, and obviously I hesitated to say
anything at all, but it started gnawing at me in a way that keeping quiet about it was just not healthy for me anymore.

It was also stopping me from saying this: <snip>

It was common for many years, i'd bite my tongue among humans, try to be nice, and need to park off the road and barf before i got home, from the stress of their preconcieved notions pressed on me. And before breakfast the next morning.

petelomax said...

How many times do you think the average Euphoria program includes (say) misc.e, and how many programs do you think would stop
working if every include generated another separate instance, and what happens when filea includes fileb at the same time as
fileb including filea? It is not just daft and of no practical merit whatsoever, it is fundamentally impossible (to do "right"[2]).

I am pretty sure i had to do that at least once so the vars in each could be seen by the other. Also, if each include was a true separate instance, how would that affect re-entrancy, and multiple task.e executions of the same include?


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