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jimcbrown said...
katsmeow said...

and using them is amorally stealing electricity from the powerco (i am repeatedly told this shirt)?

Nope. I wonder if these folks got it backwards (with solar power homeowners getting paid in rebates from the powerco for putting surplus electricity back into the power grid).

For most customers, injecting power back into the line is so expensive, it never pays back. The powerco has simply set requirements no one can meet.

Here, and possibly Georgia, the powerco got permission to assess a kwh rating for any panel(s) attached to a residence, and bill the customer for that amount of power. The theory being, during unscheduled cloudy weather, the powerco must have generating capacity turning to deliver the power missing from the non-functioning panel(s). This is essentially the powerco being used as a UPS for the solar array. The customer has no say in the matter, and the billing is monthly whether summer sunny days or winter.

I have acreage, and was not going to attach to the house. It is sub-optimal for orientation and architecture anyhow, and i can re-point the array if it pivots on flat ground. And, lightning happens here. Plus, normal batteries, well, deteriorate fast over time when used heavily. However, a gravity battery is a "research project" that doesn't impact the house power. <coff>

The biggest issues for me is the outstanding belief they are so noisey as to be a constant harrassment to the neighbors and their dogs, and the assumed theft of electricity.


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