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Ok, so I can see there is no traction for this idea, so I'll let it go.

Bruce, I agree with everything you say, and the OP was to stimulate discussion as much as anything else, and I think you hit the nail on the head, twice.

There is no single feature in any of those languages that says pick me, they are all general purpose, they all have their pros and cons, and they are all free to download.

I concede that 'grab me and look at me' is very marketing, but if you don't market something then you don't sell it.

The reason I posted this is that I am a member of a BASIC (biased to towards old school 8 bit machines) facebook page with various discussions (I like BASIC) and Eu came up, and what struck me is that there was very little understanding of Eu, it was almost like it was nothing more than a BASIC like 'toy' language with one based array indexing, and not a general purpose language that can happily compete with the likes of Python et al.

How do we get this across to people / newcomers? Perhaps marketing is indeed the way forward.

Fixing (Phixing?) the language as people are saying is one step, but honestly there isn't a great deal that needs fixing, and the one man who has the reins is working flat out within the confines of actual real life, and until we get more capable people (and I am not one of them) to help him then progress will be very slow.

One thing that does stand out looking at those other languages is that Eu's website looks 'dated'. It's impossible to say this without sounding like I'm criticizing it - I'm not, but compared to the others it does (IMHO). What would it take to re-write it?

Anyway, just my musing thoughts.



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