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OK, I've changed the code in SDL_Version.e following Greg's advice. It works for me. I've changed from C_UINT to C_UINT8, and rewrote the SDL_GetVersion() function as Greg has shown. I tested it and it works for me. I've also pushed these changes on github. I had forgotten to update the values for the current SDL version in the SDL_Version.e code, but that has been fixed too.

include std/ffi.e 
include std/machine.e --I got "free" not found if I don't include machine.e 
include sdl.e 
public constant SDL_VERSION = define_c_type({ 
	C_UINT8, --major 
	C_UINT8, --minor 
	C_UINT8 --patch 
public constant SDL_MAJOR_VERSION = 2, 
export constant xSDL_GetVersion = define_c_proc(sdl,"+SDL_GetVersion",{C_POINTER}) 
public function SDL_GetVersion() 
	atom ver = allocate_struct(SDL_VERSION) 
	sequence res = peek_struct(ver,SDL_VERSION) 
	return res 
end function 
export constant xSDL_GetRevision = define_c_func(sdl,"+SDL_GetRevision",{},C_STRING) 
public function SDL_GetRevision() 
	return c_func(xSDL_GetRevision,{}) 
end function 
export constant xSDL_GetRevisionNumber = define_c_func(sdl,"+SDL_GetRevisionNumber",{},C_INT) 
public function SDL_GetRevisionNumber() 
	return c_func(xSDL_GetRevisionNumber,{}) 
end function 
--Show CPU Info Demo 
include sdl.e 
puts(1,"1 Means True, 0 Means False\n") 
printf(1,"CPU Count: %d\n",{SDL_GetCPUCount() }) 
printf(1,"Cache Line Size: %d\n",{SDL_GetCPUCacheLineSize() }) 
printf(1,"Has RDTSC: %d\n",{SDL_HasRDTSC() }) 
printf(1,"Has AtltiVec: %d\n",{SDL_HasAltiVec() }) 
printf(1,"Has MMX:%d\n",{SDL_HasMMX() }) 
printf(1,"Has 3D Now:%d\n",{SDL_Has3DNow() }) 
printf(1,"Has SSE:%d\n",{SDL_HasSSE() }) 
printf(1,"Has SSE2:%d\n",{SDL_HasSSE2() }) 
printf(1,"Has SSE3:%d\n",{SDL_HasSSE3() }) 
printf(1,"Has SSE41:%d\n",{SDL_HasSSE41() }) 
printf(1,"Has SSE42:%d\n",{SDL_HasSSE42() }) 
printf(1,"Has AVX:%d\n",{SDL_HasAVX() }) 
printf(1,"Has AVX2:%d\n",{SDL_HasAVX2() }) 
printf(1,"Has AVX512F:%d\n",{SDL_HasAVX512F() }) 
printf(1,"Has ARMSIMD:%d\n",{SDL_HasARMSIMD() }) 
printf(1,"Has NEON:%d\n",{SDL_HasNEON() }) 
printf(1,"Has LSX:%d\n",{SDL_HasLSX() }) 
printf(1,"Has LASX:%d\n",{SDL_HasLASX() }) 
printf(1,"RAM: %d\n",{SDL_GetSystemRAM() }) 
printf(1,"OS: %s\n",{SDL_GetPlatform() }) 
sequence ver = SDL_GetVersion() 
printf(1,"SDL Version:\n") 
printf(1,"Major: %d\n",ver[1]) 
printf(1,"Minor: %d\n",ver[2]) 
printf(1,"Patch: %d\n",ver[3]) 
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