Re: Switch question - yet again!

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katsmeow said...

If i ever get a website again, i won't spring for https support. It's like, i put the site up for people to read, why secure it so people can read it in private? As a consumer, wget.

HTTPS is less about privacy and more about security: providing a validated certificate ensures identity about the web server that regular HTTP is incapable of providing. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks from compromising the integrity of the request between server and client. Is it perfect? No. But in the modern age cybersecurity it's a huge step in the right direction.

katsmeow said...

On a lan that's airgapped from the net, plain ole http is a handy way for those computers to talk amongst themselves.

Of course, certainly. I think it's very helpful to be able to stand up a simple HTTP-only service for private use and for local testing and development. Adding HTTPS would only complicate matters. I've started work on a development web server on the Euphoria MVC project that I may move back to Euphoria itself. It's basically the httpd.ex demo with a lot more bells and whistles. But it has no concept of HTTPS nor would I expect it to.

katsmeow said...

PS: i do use wget-1.20.3-win64 , called from OE sometimes, to access https sites online. I've used wget since the Eu v3 days.

Would there be much difference between making an external call to wget versus using a wrapper to call functions in libcurl.dll? I guess it's all about perspective and intent. I want to make applications that can call a URL and get back a string in real time (API calls, mostly). But if your intent is having something that determines which content it needs and then does something to download that content, calling out to wget works all the same. Leaving one application for another and then waiting for it to complete has its costs, but then again so does having to build a "call" in parts and the process the result. Tomayto/tomahto, I suppose.


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