Re: Asking for help with Phix program under Linux

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RobertS said...

When video_config() is missing under Linux, which is sad news to me, does that mean that get_position() and position() don't work, either? Well, my own fault, to write console programs …

position() is fine, but get_position() under Linux currently just returns {0,0} - the relevant code in builtins\VM\pFileioN.e is

-- position: 
    elsif platform()=LINUX then 
        printf(1,"\E[%d;%dH", {line, col}) 
-- get_position: 
            --DEV OpenEuphoria maintains screen_line/col.. 
            mov [posX],ebx 
            mov [posY],ebx 

I've updated the get_position() docs: Note that under Linux get_position() simply always returns {0,0}. I doubt it would be spectacularly difficult to maintain a couple of new variables in builtins\VM\pfileioN.e to keep track of the cursor position: fairly trivial for plain ascii, slightly trickier for embedded \r\n, but getting quite a bit thornier for embedded ncurses and unicode characters. It would probably be a safer bet for an application to maintain it's own x,y internally, if at all possible. </end doc update>

Of course as always I'm open to help and/or test programs, and should note that quite probably a good 70% of any such effort (all bar ncurses) could be done/verified on windows [too], iygwim.
(By ncurses I mean that "\E[%d;%dH" stuff, not quite sure its the right term for me to use.) I'm fine with any "works bar XYZ" solutions too, as long as XYZ sounds bearable.

RobertS said...

Does the iff(platform()=WINDOWS?video_config()[10]:80) workaround mean that I can rely on 80 to be the default width of a Linux console window? I guess I could live with that, if get_position() and position() work, but if the user changes the window size that would mess things up. Well, they'd have to be told not to.

On the development sources/docs, I've cleaned up pscreen.e a bit, such that video_config() simply returns {1,3,25,80,0,0,32,1,25,80}, ie assumes a 25x80 screen. Should anyone know of any way to obtain the current terminal size (in characters), let me know. I've also just marked get/put_screen_char() and save/display_text_image() as strictly windows_only.

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