Re: Asking for help with Phix program under Linux

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petelomax said...

Oh dear, there's nothing particularly magical about that, just massive big chunks of completely missing code.
(Does anyone have any ideas for implementing video_config() and friends on Linux??)

Anyway, I renamed trim() as trimm() in 9 places, you may or may not have to do the same:

hypatia\source\hy-lib.e:329  li = trim(li[1..$-1]) 

Thank you Irv and Pete for your efforts! When video_config() is missing under Linux, which is sad news to me, does that mean that get_position() and position() don't work, either? Well, my own fault, to write console programs …

Does the iff(platform()=WINDOWS?video_config()[10]:80) workaround mean that I can rely on 80 to be the default width of a Linux console window? I guess I could live with that, if get_position() and position() work, but if the user changes the window size that would mess things up. Well, they'd have to be told not to.

Btw, it seems you have an old version of my Hypatia code — the recent version is 0.991, and in it I have already renamed some of my own functions, trim among them, where in the age of Euphoria 3.1 I had unwittingly duplicated the names of Phix functions. Also, the input function now allows the user to scroll through past input lines, and edit and re-enter them.

Thanks again!

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