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ChrisB said...

Lookks like you're jumping outside the scope of the procedure r(). goto's should should really only be restricted to use within a procedure or function (or called and labelled outside the scope of either, like your 'for' loop)

It's permissable (I think) to got from inside a for loop, but very bad practice. exit instead.

That is correct. The docs specifically state it as such. (Emphasis mine.)

docs said...

4.6.6 goto statement

goto instructs the computer to resume code execution at a place which does not follow the statement. The place to resume execution is called the target of the statement. It is restricted to lie in the current routine, or the current file if outside any routine.

I think the intent was to prevent wild "spaghetti code" that could jump around, as I put it back then, "all willy-nilly."

Lnettnay said...

Trying to test the following program from November 2004

object d 
d = {0,0,0,0,0} 
procedure r(integer x, integer y) 
    d[x] = y 
    if x = 5 then 
        if d[1]+d[2]+d[3]+d[4]+d[5] = 10 then 
            puts(1, "success") 
            -- (print d here) 
            goto "okay" 
        end if 
        for i = 0 to 3 do 
            r(x+1, i) 
        end for 
    end if 
end procedure 
for i = 0 to 3 do 
    r(1, i) 
end for 
label "okay" 
    puts(1, "program end") 

And I get the following error

<0156>:: Unknown label 'okay' 
            goto "okay" 

What am I doing wrong?

That thread is from 2004 and goto wasn't finalized until Euphoria 4.0, which came out in 2008. The feature you're trying to use here simply does not exist.


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