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katsmeow said...

Responding to mitgedanken ...

The problem with export function get_horns() is the same problem with most computer languages, and some people: it's fixed, the system is fixed, you cannot add a get_ anything else while the program is running, or any sort of parameter which you may discover next week. With this way of doing things, the programmer must know in advance all the possible things that could be setted or getted, and write code for it, which if you think about all the things in the world you know parameters about, is going to make for a terribly bloated application.

Responding to Icy_Viking ...

I hoped i was saying this could be written in OE and added soon as you are done, because i suggested it as an include file. There's no developers working on OE, there won't be any new releases (hasn't "release often" turned into 10 years now?). Phix seems to have a class that's as good as any language's. As i cannot write a real class for OE, i thought of a fake class. A beauty of it being OE source code is you can tweak it to suit your needs. For instance, use an external database for the parameters of each item and class, such as SQL?


Well yes a fake class is a good idea. True Phix does have a struct/class support. Also, yeah its been years since OE has had an official release.

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