Re: work begins on RedyCode 2.0

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ChrisB said...


I quite liked it and started using it for a project or two, but I found the lack of documentation for controls, and just how to do something frustrating. It's easy to overlook documentation (also guilty) when you write the program, and know how everything works, and stuff is 'just obvious', but sometimes the simplest thing to us creates a complete block in the user.

I don't know what documentation system you are using, but it is useful to have it embedded in the code, and then allow it to be extractable from it.



Are you saying you tried to use RedyLib to make GUI programs? Yes, it totally lacks documentation, and even i have trouble remembering how to use it. I constantly have to look at the source files to remember how to use the API.

I was hoping people would at least enjoy the Build system included in RedyCode that "just works" for building EXEs. But RedyCode does have flaws, like the lack of block selection and context-sensitive help. And there's an annoying bug in the Undo system. I still use RedyCode for every eu project and even as a generic text editor for looking at html or config files.

When i released RedyCode 1.0, i intentionally made it a generic Euphoria editor instead of trying to promote RedyLib API, because i realized how incomplete and undocumented it was.

Spending 10+ years developing a widget system and text editor from scratch was a HUGE learning experience, and i've been learning more programming concepts while trying to develop a game in Godot Engine (GDScript - a python-like built-in language). So i've been doing a lot of thinking about how to make a better IDE specifically for developing GUI applications. I may even try to create a new language based on the best parts of Euphoria, plus some other features based on concepts i've been learning in the last few years. I still don't know what RedyCode 2.0 will look like yet, but hopefully it will be a huge upgrade.

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