Re: Help With Editing the Euphoria Documentation

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irv said...
euphoric said...

Just want to clarify:

_tom said...

...get permission to edit Euphoria...

You do not have to get permission. Once you clone (or fork) the repository, you can edit Euphoria to your heart's content. When you're ready to push those changes back to the primary Euphoria repo, it will be reviewed first. Of course.

So, let's say 5 people edit their copies of the source code (without accidentally or intentionally introducing bugs into the working code). There are several hundred changes required to the documentation.

If all 5 manage to correct every mistake they find, there will be 5 versions for each routine. Several thousand in all. They will not be identical, since no opportunity has been allowed for collaboration or discussion.

Whoever does the review will have to examine each for correctness, combine the good ideas from each, test the codes, and then reformat each to provide a consistent look to the docs.

All changes to the source will have to be done manually so that there's no chance of overwriting good working routines with buggy code.

Who is that reviewer? Does he or she have the time to do all that?

Worst of all, without a chance for discussion, somewhere between 4 and 5 of the 5 contributors are going to be unhappy that their contributions were just silently ignored.

You just described why I am so slow (and I thought it was old age.)

In any writing project one person has to impose a "voice" and "style" on the writing. It becomes very obvious when random people do random contributions.

Lets say I am the editor. The wiki lets Irv (and many others) supply me with content. I see no other way than filtering the docs through me for the final edition.

If Euphoric can do it that's even better. It still has to be one person.


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