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irv said...

I have a few questions about this: is it even feasible to update Win32Lib to Win64Lib?

No need to change the name. "Win32" is the legacy name for the Windows API: Microsoft is just bad at naming things.

irv said...

My impression is that Microsoft adds functions to Windows at a rate that would take a large crew just to keep up, much less to convert that old code. We don't have a crew, large or otherwise. Corrections welcome.

The Win32 API (aka "Windows API") is actually relatively static. Microsoft has added plenty of other frameworks for desktop applications though, like WinForms, WPF, and UWP.

irv said...

Secondly, is there any demand for a windows "wrapper" that can't be met by existing (and maintained by others) packages like wxWindows, etc?

You're not wrong, except that the comparison matrix of desktop frameworks has holes all over the place. No one of them satisfies all needs.

Ideally I'd like to see a framework that's written directly in Euphoria like Win32Lib but that is also cross-platform.

The problem with this approach is that macOS requires the use of Objective-C to interface with the Cocoa API, which Euphoria can't really do.

irv said...

If not, then Win32Lib can go into the History pages, along with great thanks and much appreciation.

If we adopt and distribute a framework with Euphoria, then I feel this will be the case.


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