Re: Roadmap to Euphoria 4.2

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irv said...

Alternative to CHM - how about html? It's pretty well proven, and people can read that on any platform, including their phones and watches.

The Phix docs use CHM and searching works well. I would like to emulate this option (in addtion to PDF and htm).

The curse is creating them (I do not want to use the actual CHM format) and then viewing them on Linux.

irv said...

In my opinion, the current docs are a bit too "technical" for newcomers. Like diving in head first.

This is from April! It got 520 hits! I also got no feedback!

I made an introductory tutorial for Phix

Phix is a bit easier to introduce to new programmers than oE.

Very beta stage.


Consider this an invitation for everyone to start by creating a couple of introductions to oE under the theme of simpler | smarter | speedier.

(Everyone says their language is "simple", that means oE and Phix must be simpler.)

irv said...

More demos would be more friendly. And pictures. When I hear about a new programming language, one of the things I do is look to see if there are pictures of applications written in that language (not necessarily commercial apps). If I like what I see, I then look at the source code to see how much work it takes to achieve those results.

I see oE and euGTK as inseparable. You are invited to create a chapter on "things to do with oE/euGTK" with lots of pictures! It most certainly needs to be part of the updated docs.


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