Re: Compile broken after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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irv said...

So once the rank beginner gets a geek friend to install gcc, all is good, right? Maybe, maybe not. Depends upon how recent a version of Linux you have. As well as which distro. See the original 2 posts for confirmation.

Could we please address the original problem? And that is: what once worked, no longer does.

  • Warns about changes which prevent euc from working in the latest Linux versions
  • Provides scripts to fix that problem.

By this, you mean the no piie issue? I think that's a bug in the Eu translator, which should be ticketed and fixed (instead of just documenting a workaround).

irv said...

(And for an unknown number of would-be new Eu users, never did, I might add.)

Agreed. This is not good.

irv said...

I guess the underlined part is no longer correct, depending upon how recent a version of Linux you have.

The verbage should be updated to make clear that gcc might have to be installed through the distro's package manager (but that was already the case, back in the 1990s muLinux didn't come with gcc by default either, so this isn't a new thing).

irv said...

Summary: it would be good if there was a Euphoria webpage which

  • Supplies step-by-step instructions for the Windows users
  • Warns about changes necessary when using MinGW or Cygwin or Watcom (do they all still work?)
  • Provides information for Linux users about installing gcc

Watcom no longer works. Hasn't in years. (For 4.1)

We used to bundle OpenWatcom/MinGW for the Windoze users when making an actual release. Obviously someone still needs to go through and make sure the instructions are updated and still relevant for the latest releases, etc but I think we used to handle this well.

Agree with the bit about having gcc install instructions. Though I think something like "If gcc is not installed, see your distro's package manager instructions for details. Links for instructions to some commonly used distros are provided here:" would be good enough, but I'm open to suggestions for improvements.

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