Re: Compile broken after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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Could we please address the original problem? And that is: what once worked, no longer does. (And for an unknown number of would-be new Eu users, never did, I might add.)

When I went to the home page this morning, I was greeted with this (in a little box):

Can be interpreted or compiled:  
    $ eui hello.ex  
    Hello, World!  
    $ euc hello.ex  
    Building... gcc -o hello hello.c  
    $ ./hello  
    Hello, World!  


C:\Users\Irv\demos>euc hello.ex 
Build directory: build-622614\ 
Translating code, pass: 1 2 3 generating  
Compiling with GCC 
Compiling 14% init-.c 
Couldn't compile file 'init-.c' 
Status -1 Command:gcc -DEWINDOWS -fomit-frame-pointer -c -w -fsigned-char -o2 -m64 -IC:/Euphoria -ffast-math init-.c 

Well, of course Windows 10 doesn't come with gcc, or any compiler. I should know that, being an experienced systems programmer who just happens to be looking for a simple-easy-to-use programming language, right?

So I join the beginners, and read the Eu manual, where I find:

6.4.2 C Compilers Supported

The Translator currently works with GNU C on Unix-like OSes, GNU C on Windows from MinGW or Cygwin using the -gcc option and with Watcom C (the default) on Windows. These are all free compilers.

GNU C will exist already on your Unix system. The others can be downloaded from their respective Web sites.


I guess the underlined part is no longer correct, depending upon how recent a version of Linux you have.

But that's not a problem. All you guys who slop the hogs at the server farm know how to install gcc, right? Why shouldn't a rank beginner who has just found an "easy to use" programming language that "you can compile" be able to do that too?

So once the rank beginner gets a geek friend to install gcc, all is good, right? Maybe, maybe not. Depends upon how recent a version of Linux you have. As well as which distro. See the original 2 posts for confirmation.

Summary: it would be good if there was a Euphoria webpage which

  • Supplies step-by-step instructions for the Windows users
  • Warns about changes necessary when using MinGW or Cygwin or Watcom (do they all still work?)
  • Provides information for Linux users about installing gcc
  • Warns about changes which prevent euc from working in the latest Linux versions
  • Provides scripts to fix that problem.

And perhaps make some recommendations based on actual experience with what works for the type of programmer who would be interested in using Euphoria.

Granted, that information can be found buried somewhere in this forum, but it if you don't know what you're looking for, you're not likely to find it.

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