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euphoric said...

OK, dang it. I tried "min width" as "min_width," due to the GTK docs showing that property. Should I assume all properties in EuGTK are without dashes/symbols? Where do you document the use of these properties for EuGTK? I need to read some docs!

Properties can use dashes or spaces. You chose the one which won't work, underline!

Documentation for the signals can be found by going the GTK doc page for the widget in question, say, GtkTreeView, and clicking on the signals tab at top of page. Same for the properties. Bear in mind that many or most of the properties are inherited. Follow the links upward in the Object Hierarchy, if you don't see what you're looking for.

Or easier, include the line:

    set(win,"interactive debugging",1)  

just before the call to main(). Learn your way around the debugger.

Now, if you try to code ? get(tv,"width"), and run in a terminal, you'll see an error message:

****** Invalid call: GtkTreeView->get_width  
because treeviews have no width. The window which contains the treeview does, however. Here's what works:

 ? get(get(tv,"window"),"width") -- crazy, eh? 

BTW, you have to dig really deep into the GTK docs to find that out. Or search online.

Now, if you're ellipsizing the long category name, but need to be able to see it in full, you have several choices - drag the columns to make room, or better, set a tooltip that will contain the full, un-ellipsed text, or put a status bar somewhere containing the full text. Second and third options require a small function to update as the mouse moves.

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