Re: RedyCode 1.0.0 released!

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dr_can said...

Yes, someone does.

Having first made the mistake of trying to develop library modules (.e's) using RedyCode, I have successfully used it on two projects and am now engaged on a third. (I suppose I am not really as used to project-based development over, say, using WEE for individual module creation/testing.)

I certainly can recommend it to others and am very grateful to you for the very comprehensive design and implementation. You really can develop your Euphoria applications "within" it.

Sorry not to reply sooner.

PS. I haven't fully exploited all the facilities yet, but am looking forward to doing so soon.

Good to hear!

Projects can be a nice way to keep source files more organized, and you can also browse the include folder to see exactly what libraries are available to all projects. You can also bundle multiple programs, bat files, etc. within a project, run them or browse the folders directly from the project tree. And it is nice to know exactly where your build files will be genarated within the project.

Another possible use for RedyCode is taking notes by puting a bunch of text files in a project. If you save files as .htd format ("hyper-text document"), you can use Creole syntax to format the text. (This file type is used for RedyCode's help documents, which you can see in "\projects\RedyCode\source\docs")

ChrisB said...

Hi Ryan

Nice job, except, and really sorry, now going to start picking it apart! I have been following it, just not using it much, and it has mature nicely. It could be a potential candidate for the default Eu distribution.

Here's a couple of screen shots of the help page


This one is expanded to full screen which often resolves this kind of issue.



Unfortunatly, htd has some serious display bugs I am well aware of, but haven't been able to figure out why. Also, the creole syntax parser is poorly done. I will address these issues when I have more time.

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