Time to finish RedyCode 1.0

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I'm finally back to work on RedyCode. Here's a quick review of where i left off and what needs to be done for the 1.0 release:

Significant features that have been finished:

  • Pure euphoria GUI that is stable and efficient. Window positions are remembered automatically. When bound or compiled, startup time is very fast. Memory and cpu usage is very low.
  • Project system that helps you organize your source code, documentation, and other needed files. Built-in bmp image viewer and creole-like formatted text editor.
  • Source tree to easily browse project source files and include files. Files outside the project are opened in read-only mode by default to protect against accidental edits.
  • Syntax-highlighting text editor with line numbers, wordwrap, bookmarks, and support for several types of syntax.
  • A section of text can be edited in a separate window. When the window is closed, the original text is updated.
  • Unique navigation design that shows lists of information to make it easy to jump to routines, bookmarks, and search results at any time.
  • Compatible with eu 4.0.5 and 4.1.0 beta (32-bit only). As far as i know, it runs on any version of windows (XP or newer) and on WINE.
  • Portable (can be run off a flash drive, for example) and automatically works with your default euphoria installation or can have euphoria bundled with it.
  • Programs can be run directly from RedyCode with crash report support.
  • Clipboard history and saved clips that can be easily pasted one or more at a time. Clips can be combined or split apart by newline characters.
  • Unique Euphoria build system that makes it easy to set build options and preview the build script, manifest, and resource file. You can clearly see what it is going to do and exactly what files are going to be used before you click Build.

What needs to be finished:

  • Add undo/redo engine
  • Add ability to save/load universal clips and per-project clips.
  • Improve hotkeys and toolbar customization
  • Fix some syntax-highlighting and creole formatting issues
  • Possibly add auto-complete features
  • Allow GUI font size adjustments
  • Improve dark GUI color scheme
  • Improve the toolbar icon set
  • Add import/export/backup/restore features to project manager
  • Add project template editor (Use an existing project to create a project template)
  • Fix a few issues with project settings. Add ability to remember bookmarks, clips, and currently open files when a project is closed.
  • Optimize word wrap. It is really slow on large files. sad
  • Write documentation, demo projects, and templates
  • Beta test
  • Update website with much better screenshots and information

I am guessing this will probably be done in about 3-4 months. It is exciting to think that after all these years, it is so close to being version 1.0!

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