Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy -- Where is the focus?

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Here is was what my opinion was about open-source Euphoria 8 years ago.

Posted by Bernie Ryan <xotron at> Sep 20, 2006


In my opinion making Euphoria open-source is a BIG mistake.

I think that Euphoria full source code should be made available
without restriction for a FEE that allows a purchaser to develop
it or sell it in any way that the purchaser desires. The only
requirement being that the purchaser sign a non-discloser agreement
and that RDS be given credit for it's work somewhere in the about box.
RDS would still keep a public domain version available for the
general hobbiest or users that don't have the ability to modify
the code. I'am sure that some developer's would be willing to share
some of their ideas with RDS to add to public domain version which
would take the pressure off RDS to add this feature and that feature
because a user could purchase a version developed by another user.

This would keep Euphoria from becoming a run away train.
It protects the users that already have time invested in Euphoria.
It allows Euphoria development to proceed in an orderly way.

A far as I'am concern I don't think anyone should be able to vote
on any direction of Euphoria that hasn't purchased it.


Posted by Bernie Ryan <xotron at> Sep 26, 2006
Last edited Sep 27, 2006

I keep reading on this list about how you are going to need
version control and all these developers are going to do
this and that.

My question is who are all these developers and where are they
going to come from.

I only know of maybe 3 or 4 users on this list that have the skills
to modify and incorporate changes into the source that would make
Euphoria improvements.

I think that this open-source rush to judgement is blinding a lot
of ordinary users into beleving that something magic is going
to happen to Euphoria and 100 new developers are going suddenly
to appear at RDS door demanding a copy of the source so they can improve it.

How many times has someone said "I'am going to develop a open-source
version of Euphoria" and it died on the vine ?

Euphoria has to be found and accepted by many more users then
it presently has. Mean while you wait for the developers to show up
you are going to lose all the users that develop libraries because
the incentive for developing the libriares will disappear; ie


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